The Big Dipper
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+ Comments The Big Dipper - 2007-06-07 22:13:08
Image three of three for the evening. I really wasn't sure what to expect with this one. It's a little over two minute exposure, the longest I've ever done (and actually 22 seconds longer than I had intended). I actually have two versions of this image, one without Noise Reduction and this one with Noise Reduction. It takes extra processing time in the camera, but it appears to be well worth it. The non-NR version looks very blue, even though it is for about the same amount of time at the same f stop. Canon EOS 20D
Shutter: 142 sec
Aperture: f 5
ISO speed: 100
Focal length: 17 mm
Flash: Not Fired
Date taken: 2007-06-07 21:00:35
  • Very Nice. It's pretty hard to get constellations and still be able to see them. Here's another piece of info; if you take the two stars furtherest from the handle that make up the bucket and continue on down, you will run into Polaris, otherwise known as the North Star. All other stars appear to revolve around it. That's also why the trails are longer the further you get away from it. Again...great job.
    Jim @ 2007-06-07 23:13:36
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